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Ah memories, of that time we ended climate change.

Jews for Gin.

New York City. (at Kensington)

Who wants to cross and fight the Red Coats? (at Cold Spring Waterfront)

Apartment comedy show courtesy @YPlanNYC

In short: The NSA is said to have decided that the exploit was better something for it to use as an offensive tool than to affect a defensive posture for the rest [of] tech; its decision meant that in its view, its own intelligence efforts were essentially more important than the security of your information.

Still think the NSA is on our side?

“NSA Exploited Heartbleed For Years,” TechCrunch (via shortformblog)

Loving the Milton Glaser (I heart NY and Brooklyn Brewery designer) Mad Men posters. Good enough to steal.


Rwanda. A million voices to remember a million lost - We ask “How can there still be genocide?” #Kwibuka20