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Blog Action Day now live!

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Blog Action Day (http://blogactionday.org) is happening NOW!

Each year thousands of bloggers, from the White House to moms in Bristol to Syrian refugees in Jordan, write about one topic for the day. This year that topic is inequality, with our signature partner, Oxfam.

Right now bloggers are looking for content to share on our Orbit site, launch.orbit.do (http://launch.orbit.do/) .

Have a great infographic, video, report or blog post? We strongly recommend you post it to Orbit with the hashtagh thousands of bloggers.

Blog Action Day is a free event for bloggers, social media users, vloggers, podcasters, designers, infographic and data bods and web producers from all over the world, held each year on October 16.

Blog Action Day is the one day of the year where thousands of people, from all over the world can work together to discuss on one important global topic, and help raise awareness and money for charities and social causes.


Luna tries her first Shirley Temple. @malenitavino (at Hope Garage)

at South Street Seaport

The 5 stories you shouldn’t miss

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Bloggers and social media have a role to tell the story of the injustice of inequality, and its defeat. (http://launch.orbit.do/2014/bloggers-and-social-media-have-a-role-to-tell-the)
Why Inequality is a (very) Big Deal, and why you need to get involved with Blog Action Day (http://www.blogactionday.org/) .

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** Making the World A Little Safer for Freelance Journalists (https://medium.com/@jarongilinsky/making-the-world-a-little-safer-for-freelance-journalists-550874d1ef8a)

The 5 stories you shouldn’t miss

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Be a Part of Interactive Investigation on Pirate Fishing
Al-Jazeera has launched an interactive web game in which the player is casted as an investigative journalist unveiling the multi-million dollar illegal fishing trade in West Africa. Click here. (http://www.aljazeera.com/piratefishing)
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** President Obama addresses the 2014 CGI Annual Meeting

After-vism (at One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza)

Corelab Inspire: insights and learnings to help you do good, better.

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** Let’s Do Good Together

Time. (at Greenwich Meridian Line)

Put on your fancy pants. (at Aqua Shard)

at Brasserie Ardennaise La